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NFT token on the Ethereum blockchain

CryptoSmarties collection. Available on opensea


The CryptoSmarties are a limited collection of 555 unique nft token that is located on the Ethereum blockchain and is sold on the

CryptoSmarties collection is a combination of colorfull faces and smarties.
Some faces are custom designed and in some cases available designs on the web have been used.
Smarties are real photos that in some cases their color has been changed by computer techniques.
This collection is made in different colors and different facial expressions, such as happiness, anger, fear, surprise, etc.
Variety is evident in the collection. None of the smarties are exactly the same color and shape and are somehow different from each other.Different characters with different facial expressions are presented in the collection.This collection includes 555 cryptosmarties Which is published with the prices prepared in the table below.

Pricing & Distribution:

All 555 Cryptosmarties will be posted to Opensea with scaled pricing to encourage community accessibility.

The first 100 cryptosmarties will be sold for 0.04 ETH, And the price of the rest will increase according to the pattern you see in the photo.

We will never create more.